Voice of the People Week of 2.15.21

02.15.21: Childcare. Governors. AmEx. Whole Foods. Impeachment. Homes. Philippines. Obesity
02.16.21: Vaccines. Spending. Opioids. Emissions. Pakistan. Pizza. Twitter. Nursing Homes. Gerrymandering
02.17.21: Australia. Louisiana. Commission. Parler. Clubhouse. Georgia. Taxes. Africa
02.18.21: Trust the Vote. Vaccination. Russia. Blackouts. Republicans. India. Police. Planned Parenthood. Muslims. Influencers
02.19.21: Foreclosures. Water. HUD. Limbaugh. Virus. NLRB. Offices. TV. Guns. Greece. Life. Myanmar
02.20.21: Wages. DNA. Ford. Women. Blackstone. Police. Uber. Cruz. College. Spain.
02.21.21: Pensions. Taxes. Sentencing. Mars. Pandemic. Schools. Walmart. New Zealand. Jobs. Erik Prince