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Dave’s Picks 2021 Review

Dave’s Picks Vol. 37, we hear from somebody who was at the show!

We get into this year’s bonus disc from Dave’s Picks Vol. 38!

Dave’s Picks Vol. 39, the first of the Dave’s Picks series to include the song “Shakedown Street”.

Dave’s Picks Vol. 40, the band’s 50th top 40-charting album on the Billboard 200. The band continues to have the most top 40 albums among groups since the chart began regularly publishing on a weekly basis in March of 1956. The only acts with more top 40 albums than Grateful Dead are Frank Sinatra (58), Elvis Presley (57), Barbra Streisand (54) and Bob Dylan (51).

The Set List. . .
New Minglewood Blues 7:36
1990-07/18 DEER CREEK MUSIC CENTER, Noblesville, Indiana
Dave’s Picks Vol. 40

They Love Each Other 8:52
1983-04/26 THE SPECTRUM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dave’s Picks Vol. 39

Bertha > 6:01
Good Lovin’ 7:04
1978-04/15 WILLIAM & MARY HALL – COLLEGE OF WILLIAM & MARY, Williamsburg, Virginia
Dave’s Picks Vol. 37

Let It Grow > 11:33
Stella Blue 8:32
Dave’s Picks Vol. 38 2021 Bonus Disc¬†