Beyond Description. . . 
Martin Scorsese is making a musical biopic about the Grateful Dead, with Jonah Hill set to star as the iconic rock band’s frontman Jerry Garcia.

The new Jerry Garcia archival release features a Bob Marley cover.
The latest Grateful Dead archival release features a Bob Dylan cover.
The Grateful Dead’s soundman recorded Johnny Cash. . . covering Bob Dylan. Those tracks are now part of “Bear’s Sonic Journals.”

The Set List. . .

Stir It Up 9:20
1976-11/07 KEYSTONE BERKELEY, Berkeley, California
GarciaLive Vol. 17

Desolation Row 12:17
1990-07/19 DEER CREEK MUSIC CENTER, Noblesville, Indiana
Dave’s Picks Vol. 40

Ripple (2001 Remaster) 4:11
1970- American Beauty
The Music Never Stopped (Music From The Motion Picture)

China Cat Sunflower > 8:57
I Know You Rider 6:09
1973-10/30 KIEL AUDITORIUM, St. Louis, Missouri

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