The Jerry Garcia Family in partnership with YellowHeart presents “An Odd Little Place: The Digital Works of Jerry Garcia (1992-1995)” NFT Collection. An artist who crosses all mediums, Garcia was ahead of his time, creating digital artwork included in this collection on his Apple Macintosh computers starting back in 1992. This limited edition collection reveals 17 of his digital works, spanning the four years he worked in this medium.
We talk with the CEO of YellowHeart – Josh Katz. The NFT gallery will open on August 1st—which would have marked the Grateful Dead guitarist’s 79th birthday—with auctions beginning on August 5th.
The Set List. . .Struggling Man 7:18
1991-11/15 MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, New York, New York
GarciaLive Vol. 16
An Odd Little Place 1:39
1972-01/20 studio release, GARCIA
Riverside Rhapsody 3:55
Infrared Roses
Feel Like A Stranger 9:00
1989-12/28 OAKLAND COLISEUM ARENA, Oakland, California
30 Days of Dead 2019
China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider   16:05  1989-10/11 MEADOWLANDS ARENA, East Rutherford, New Jersey30 Days of Dead 2020