Voice of the People: Week of 7.12.2021

PN #2942 India. Voting. Politics. Genes. Edwin Edwards. Debt. Robocalls. Child Pay. Creators. Nepal
PN #2941 VA. IMF. ICE. Water. Sri Lanka. Haiti. Rape. Suburbs. News. Fracking. Cuba. Vaccine. Economy
PN #2943 Storage. Vikings. Catholics. GOP. Housing. Email. Public Health. Banks. Cuba
PN #2944 Ecuador. Abortion. Venice. Britney. Alzheimers. Facebook. Overdose. Cash. FBI. Vaccinations
PN #2945.7.17.21. TikTok. Gen Z. Facebook. Carbon. Marijuana. Admissions. Swimming. NCAA. Heat. Hijabs

Voice of the People: Week of 1.18.21

1.18.21: Copyright. Vaccine. FAS. Foreclosure. PPP. Kyrgystan. NRA. Abortion. Steal. Religion. Lunch. Capitol. Banks.
1.21.21: Jobs. DHHS. News. Smokers. Netherlands. GiveSendGo. Military. Mail. Ethics. Masks. PPP. India.
1.22.21: FTC. WHO. EPA. China. Pardons. Republicans. Nat Guard. College. Teachers. Biden.
1.23.21: Vaccine. Immigration. Uighurs. LGBT. Swiss. Tunisia. Polls. Health. Coal. Lead. Far Right.
1.24.21: Peru. Biden. Coffee. Algeria. Trump. Google. Putin. Campaigns. Workers. Eels.

Voice of the People January 2

01.08.21: Lessons.-College.-Cloture.-Georgia.-EPA.-Farmers.-Stock.-Regulations.-Runoff.-Guns.-PPE
01.09.21: Internet.-Georgia.-Hong-Kong.-Discrimination.-Assange.-Hospital.-Lawyers.-Vaccine.-Airlines.-Pakistan.

People’s News

Google. Judges. Biodiesel. Climate. Homebuyers. Cotton. O’Keefe. Trump.
Bands. Cocoa. Boards. SBA. Visa. Sen. Perdue. Congress. Vaccine.
Scotland. Police. India. CDC. Barr. Georgia. Marijuana. Hong Kong. Pardons
France. Suicide. TikTok. Cheerleaders. Rape. Uyghurs. Schools. New Zealand.
Sports. Fashion. Hong Kong. Swiss. Smoking. FBI. CARES. Trump. Census. 
Brexit. Disney. Opioids. Human Rights. GM. Civil Service. Wildlife. Debt. Voters.

Memorial for Lorenzo Milam

Replay of a Zoom Memorial that was held on August 15th, 2020 for Lorenzo Milam, a pioneer in community radio. Lorenzo passed away at the age of 86 on July 19th in Pueblo Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico. Lorenzo was a leader in community radio, disability rights, publishing, and half a dozen other pursuits. There are many radio stations still broadcasting today which he helped to launch either directly or through the guidance of his writings.