Voice of the People: Week of 11.22.21

PN #3074.. Landlords. Gas. Foreclosures. Sudan. Cuba. Unemployed. Housing. Myanmar. Congo. Memphis
PN #3076 Fed Reserve. AmE. China. Medals. Israel. Elections. Canada. Sleep. Mali. France. Taino. Football. Festivals
PN #3077.. Germany. Astroids. Voting. Vaccinations. Foundations. Nielsen. Google. Opioids. Strikes. Denim. GM-Tesla

Voice of the People: Week of 11.15.21

PN #3067 Violence. UAW. Kaiser. Athletes. Cuba. Evangelicals. Landrieu. Assange. Climate
PN3068.11.17.21. China. Teamsters. Ecuador. Belarus. Guns. Anti-bias. Virus. Boosters. Infowars
PN #3069. Hotel. Russia. Plastic. Scorpions. Chaco Canyon. Howard. Mandates. Amazon. Land Grabs. Democracy
PN #3070 Drugs. Gosar. Censure. Malcolm X. UAW. Anti-Vax. Clothes. Amazon. Second-Jobs. Greece. Bikes. Jan 6
PN #3071 Guns. Nurses. Apple. Bulgaria. Whites. Buildings. Defense. JP Morgan. Sex. Retail. Hackers. India. Fauci
PN #3072.Tennis. Ohio. Logging. Census. Gas. Jobs. Tourism. Delta. India. Supreme Court

Voice of the People: Week of 11.08.21

PN #3060Evictions. Nicaragua. Catholics. Unions. Gerrymandering. Business
PN #3061 Ethiopia. NFL. Telegram. Utilities. Starbucks. Estonia. Robinhood. Facebook
PN #3062. Travel. Truckers. Hockey. Politico. Trump. Moderna. Auto. Belarus-1
PN #3063.. GE. J&J. Facebook. Hatch Act. Emissions. Heat. NFL. China. Masks.
PN #3064 Vaccinations. Uber. Evangelicals. Flint. Ontario. Idaho. Reparations. O’Keefe. Teachers
PN #3065. Homeowners. Targeting. Tariffs. UAW. Hospitals. Quits
PN #3066 Facebook. Contempt. Plessey. Amazon. Farmworkers. Rerecording. Citizenship. Discrimination.

Voice of the People: Week of 10.24.21

PN #3046. China. Childcare. Renters. Food. Co-housing. Sudan. Electricity. Crime. Quits. Facebook. Australia
PN #3047. Amazon. Apple. Japan. Drugs. Sudan. Hong Kong. Tesla. Border Patrol. Teen Challenge
PN #3048.Adolescents. Brazil. Voters. Tax. Nuclear. Bridge. Sudan. Africa. Weather. Deaf
PN #3049. Housing. McKinsey. Voting. Energy Grid. Catholics. Welfare. Drugs. FEMA
PN #3050.Tesla. Meat. Prices. Covid. Immigration. SEC. Cuomo. Police. Texas. NFL. Migrants. Facebook
 PN #3051. Taxes. Retirement. Billionaires. Coal. RVs. Mergers. Rents. Florida. Korea. Kansas
PN #3052 Education. Mexico. Mandates. Debt. Roma. Investors. Nepal. Greece. Aztecs. Medicare

Voice of the People: Week of 10.17.21

PN #3038. Quits. Unvaccinated. China. Italy. Raises. Young Lords. Stagehands
PN #3039. Hospitals. Myanmar. Machismo. Hungary. Powell. Starbucks. Zillow
PN #3040. Gates. Sepsis. Senate. Mandates. IRS. Facebook. Brazil. So Africa. Haiti
PN #3041. Women. Nursing. Gerrymandering. Affirmative Action. Animals. Romance
PN #3042 Mandates. Methane. Migrants. Russia. PFAS. Vikings. Wu-Tang
PN #3043. Pittsburgh. Maine. Marriage. Amazon. Fed Reserve. Legacy. Mandates. Facebook
PN #3044 Phones. Bannon. China. British. Coal. TB. Texas. Debt. Women. Loans. Energy

Voice of the People: Week of 10.11.21

PN #3032.Czech. Austria. Columbus. Periods. Florida. Ohio. Journalists. China. Money. Auschwitz. Arizona
PN #3033. Arizona. Texas. Argentina. Moon. Plague. Farms. Quebec. Italy. Betting. Water. London. Iraq. Sweden
PN #3034 PPP. Fires. Methane. Travel. Vaping. Raids. Private Equity. Salt. Georgia
PN #3035.. Quits. Housing. Encryption. Hamburger. Aspirin. P&G. Parent Plus. SSN. Facebook. ESG. China
PN #3036. Texas. Storms. Mexico. Poverty. Utah. Ecuador. Drugs. Florida. Logging. CPI. Jobs. Prisons
PN #3037. Pipelines. Boeing. YouTube. Energy. Lead. Godfathers. LinkedIn. John Deere. Mexico. Electricity. UN. Vaccines

Voice of the People: Week of 10.04.21

PN #3025 Emojis. Relief. Children. Lithuania. Abortion. Novels. Evictions. Germany. Proxies. Oil. Housing. Offshore. Police. Missing. Dead
PN #3026. Mexico. Infowars. Chevron. Japan. Eldercare. Facebook. Exercise. Police. Abortion. Rome. New Orleans
PN #3027. child care. loans. admissions. midwest. police. nobel. facebook. infrastructure. fossil fuel
PN #3029.CIA. Airlines. Players Union. Mothers. Taxes. IMF. SBA. NBA. Farmers. Poland

Voice of the People: Week of 09.27.21

PN #3018. Data. Hackers. Wealth. SEALS. Israel. Trooper. Hosts. EU. NRA. Pre-Old
PN #3019. Starbucks. Airlines. Hackers. Abortion. Virus. Same-sex. Risks. Trucks. Germany. Games. Airbnb. Homework. Talk. Buffalo
PN #3020 R Kelly. Redistricting. Vaccinations. Fed Reserve. Dentists. Mandatory. Truck Drivers. Oil Spills
PN #3021. IRS. Jobs. Uber. AT&T. Voters. Dollar Tree. Judges. Britney. Amazon. Birds
PN #3022 Ecuador. Athletes. Trump. France. Greyhound. YouTube. Ballots. China. Vaccinations. Vaping
PN# 3024. Soccer. Elections. Philippines. Instagram. Bicycles. United Airlines. Israel. TikTok. Jets. Portugal

Voice of the People: Week of 09.20.21

PN #3011 Baseball. Haiti. Immigrants. Benefits. Rwanda. Alabama. Entergy. Canada
PN #3012 Cairo. Hotels. Google. Twitter. Real Estate. Travel. Ida. Guns. Abortion. Canada
PN #3013. Vaccine. Facebook. Trump. Childcare. China. Debt. Medicare. Vaccinations. Ida. Gas. Deportation
PN #3014. Airlines. Storage. Abortion. Trump. Coal. Germany. Rental Cars. Migrans. Police. Cheney. FDA
PN #3015. Abortion. Amazon. CDC. Haiti. Veterans. Tech. Taxes. Ancients. Bitcoin. Delivery. Antitrust
PN #3016 HFCs. Non-compete. AZ. Bitcoin. PG&E. Vaccinations. Voters. Insurance. Domestic Worker
PN #3017. Loans. Fraternities. Paper Terrorism. Masks. Testing. Ports. Bitcoin. ESG

Voice of the People: Week of 09.13.21

PN #3004 . Hungary. Hospitals. Taxes. Apple. Harvard. Facebook. Vaccine. Amazon
PN #3005 . Recall. Hospitals. Buses. Facebook. Chevron. Taxes. Amazon. Google. Wells Fargo
PN #3006 India. Albania. Bitcoin. Police. Latvia. Berlin. California. Chinna. Poverty. Haiti.
PN #3007 FCC. Los Angeles. Property. Internet. Prisons. SEC. Foster Care. Discrimination. Philippines. Russia
PN #3008 . Guns. Fed Reserve. Foundations. Drugs. AC. Migrants. Airlines. CNAs. Pollution. Facebook. Boeing. Italy. Scams
PN #3009. Court. Thailand. Heat. Drugs. Lead. Boosters. Russia. Vaccine. Voters. Afghanistan