Voice of the People: Week of 4.12.2021

People’s News #2849 – 4.12.21 – Ecuador. Police. Antifa. Ramsey Clark. Military. Ivy League. Rep Greene. Corp Pay. Conspiracies. Brazil nuts.
People’s News #2850 – 4.13.21 – Guns. Daydreaming. Prisons. Alibaba. Schools. NRA. Minorities. Immunity. Trains. Facebook.
People’s News #2851 – 4.14.21 – Family. Work. Wealth. Child care. Abortion. McDonalds. Facebook. Cities. Minneapolis. Supply Chain.
People’s News #2852 – 4.15.21 – Lawyers. Women. Hunger. Peru. Vaccine. Jan 6th. Stimulus. Abortion. Housing. Subsidies.

Voice of the People: Week of 04.05.2021

People’s News #2842 – 4.5.21 – Mail Ballots. College. Surveillance. Latino Vote. Church. Campaign Scam. Property Taxes
People’s News #2843 – 4.6.21 – Prop Taxes. PPP Loans. Bicycles. Travel. Voting. Homophobia. Food Security. Auto Loans.
People’s News #2844 – 4.7.21 – Amazon. Religion. Police. Informal Workers. Arkansas. Online. Predatory. Fish. Millionaires.
People’s News #2846 – 4.9.21 – Ikea. Walgreens. Brains. YouTube. Mammograms. Unions. Debt Collectors. Campaign Scams.
People’s News #2847 – 4.10.21 – NRA. Pay. Immigrants. Palestine. Greenland. Taxes. Debts. Zoning. Guns. France. Economy. Voting.
People’s News #2848 – 4.11.21 – Vax Cards. Mexico. Cancer. No Ireland. COP26 . Amazon. Tax Cut. Indians. Unions. Peru. Congo-Brazzaville.

Voice of the People: Week of 3.29.2021

People’s News #2835 – 3.29.21 – Pigeons. Turkey. Voting. NCAA. Geoengineering. Phones. Teachers. Tests. Myanmar.
People’s News #2836 – 3.30.21 – VW. Ibrahim. Groceries. China. Vehicles. Mexico. Vaccinations. Elderly.
People’s News #2837 – 3.31.21 – Pharma. Offices. Russia. Eviction. Schools. Vaccines. Australia. Crime. Voting. Prison. Ads. Cotton. Bankruptcy. Shipping. Civil Service. Religion.
People’s News #2838 – 4.1.21 – Housing. Vaccines. Reproduction. Infrastructure. Food Banks. Voting. Islam. Brazil.
People’s News #2839 – 4.2.21 – GA. Hong Kong. Deliveroo. Honduras. Jails. Britain. Airports. Payday loans. Nursing homes.
People’s News #2840 – 4.3.21 – Infrastructure. Hospitals. Italy. Race. Arrests. NCAA. Wealthy. Water. Taxes.

Voice of the People – Week of 3.22.2021

People’s News #2828 – 3.22.21 Police. Pay. Taxes. Fishing. Aging. Property. Vaccine. Asians. Women.
People’s News #2829 – 3.23.21 – Plastics. Alberta. Parks. AI. Sedition. Cigarettes. Draft. India. Resumes. Laramie. Hospitals.
People’s News #2830 – 3.24.21 – DOL. Guns. ACA. Infrastructure. DeGeneres. RWDSU. BLM.
People’s News #2831 – 3.25.21 – Weight. Reparations. Mormons. Racial Justice. Foreign Aid. Tenants. Guns. Israel.mp3
People’s News #2832 – 3.26.21 – Race. Actors. Spain. Rohingya. Austin. So Korea. Voting. Execution. Miscarriage. Shipping. Unions.
People’s News #2834 – 3.28.21 – Police. Shipping. Columbia. Guns. Fox News. India. Homebound. Passwords. Farms. Catholics. Facial Recog. Sperm.

Voice of the People – Week of 3.15.2021

People’s News #2821 – 3.15.21 – Unemployment. Violence. Mothers. Vaccines. Republicans. Great Migraton. AstraZeneca. Bolivia.
People’s News #2822 – 3.16.21 – Myanmar. Gulf Stream. Actors. Shoes. Inheritance. Russia. Voting. Welfare. Women. Australia. Climate. Tax.
People’s News #2823 – 3.17.21 – Same-Sex. Myanmar. NFL. Seafood. Gas. Paraguay. WFP. Amazon. Jesuits.
People’s News #2824 – 3.18.21. Agent Orange. Crime. HUD. Wars. Suicide. Interior. Election. Voters. Airlines.
People’s News #2825 – 3.19.21 – Uber. Architecture. NFL. Same-Sex. Felons. Turkey. Wealth. France. Opioids. Proud Boys. IDs. Amazon.
People’s News – #2826 – 3.20.21. Prisoners. Turkey. Lunch. Hunger. Hate. Vaccine. DHHS. UAW. Facebook. Netflix. Telecoms. NFL. UFW.
People’s News #2827 – 3.21.21 – Koch. Schools. Loans. Elections. Marijuana. Amazon. Olympics. Families. Visa. Military. Landlords. Tesla.

Voice of the People – Week of 3.8.2021

People’s News #2815 3.9.21 – Australia. Centenarians. Vaccine. Women. Coast Colleges. Myanmar. Police. Self-employed. Voting.
People’s News #2816 – 3.10.21. Pensions. Syringes. Swiss. Pompeii. Police. Masks. Vaccines. Cornel West. Tech Money. Capitol.
People’s News #2817 – 3.11.21. Birds. Lincoln. Songs. Marriages. Brazil. Drinking. Venezuela. Schools. Honduras. Bitcoin. Abortion. Vaccines. Femicide.
People’s News #2818 – 3.12.21. Femdacha. Army. Bias. Nukes. Police. IRS. LGBT. Evangelicals. Benefits. Germany. India.
People’s News #2819 – 3.13.21. Veterans. Floyd. Masks. Vegas. Poverty. LGBT. Assets. Immigrants.
People’s News #2820 – 3.14.21 – Film. Mexico. Entergy. Lead. Biodiversity. Vaccination. Hollywood. NIH. Science. Floyd. Age. Nigeria. Jackson. COBRA.

Voice of the People: Week of 03.01.2021

PN #2807 – 03.1.21. Voting. Colleges. Khashoggi. Bail. China. Radio. Vaccine. Iowa. Hong Kong. ACA
PN # 2810 – 03.4.21. Wealth. Wages. India. Vaccine. Professors. BSA. Masks. Jordan. Rentals. Homeless
PN #2811 – 03.5.21.IRS. Catholics. Seuss. Syria. Mississippi Apple. Chao. Zoning. Mutual Aid. Basketball.
PN #2812 – 03.6.21 – NFL. Stimulus. Entergy. Racism. Offices. Far right. Abortion. Germany. Migrants. Wages. Mothers.
PN #2813 – 03.7.21 – Electricity. Student Loans. Ballots. EU. CDFI. Turkey. Sex. Robots. Min Wages.

Voice of the People: Week of 02.22.2021

02.22.2021 Venezuela. Lockdown. Doctors. So Korea. Colombia. Anti-vaxx. Gas. Credit. Rentals. Utility Bills
02.23.2021 Amazon. PPP. McKinsey. Women. Courts. Airbnb. Jobs. Savings
02.24.2021 Prisons. Israel. Insurance. Sanctions. Trump. Brazil. Myanmar. Executions. Texas. Healthcare
02.25.2021 Unemployed. Ballots. Facebook. India. Qatar. Vaccinations. Hong Kong. Senate. Israel.
02.26.2021. Baptists. Telecoms. Electricity. Hollywood. Bonus Pay. Refrigerators. Students. Postal. India. Domestic Work.
02.27.2021. South Dakota. BSA. McKinsey. Tips. Facebook. Fanne Foxe. Childcare. Bonds. Confirmation. Climate. Al Jazeera
02.28.2021. Budget. Internet. Stimulus. Schools. DC. Sri Lanka. Capitol. Prison. Costco. Army. Unemployment

Voice of the People Week of 2.15.21

02.15.21: Childcare. Governors. AmEx. Whole Foods. Impeachment. Homes. Philippines. Obesity
02.16.21: Vaccines. Spending. Opioids. Emissions. Pakistan. Pizza. Twitter. Nursing Homes. Gerrymandering
02.17.21: Australia. Louisiana. Commission. Parler. Clubhouse. Georgia. Taxes. Africa
02.18.21: Trust the Vote. Vaccination. Russia. Blackouts. Republicans. India. Police. Planned Parenthood. Muslims. Influencers
02.19.21: Foreclosures. Water. HUD. Limbaugh. Virus. NLRB. Offices. TV. Guns. Greece. Life. Myanmar
02.20.21: Wages. DNA. Ford. Women. Blackstone. Police. Uber. Cruz. College. Spain.
02.21.21: Pensions. Taxes. Sentencing. Mars. Pandemic. Schools. Walmart. New Zealand. Jobs. Erik Prince

Voice of the People Week of 2.8.21

02.08.21: Renters. Myanmar. OSHA. China. Africa. Germany. Housing. Defamation. Haiti. Jobs
02.09.21: Trump. Cleaning. Chile. Canada. Schools. Venmo. Coal. Vaccination. Tips. Grocery.
02.10.21: Corporations. Haiti. Europe. Vaccine. Batteries. Jobs. Hackers. Columbia. Reddit. NRA. Pollution.
02.11.21: Childcare. Pollution. Assange. Britney Spears. NBA. Quaker Oats. Neckties. ACA
02.12.21: Thefts. Dementia. Georgia. Farms. Unemployment. Masks. Parties. DOJ. Capitol Rioters
02.13.21: Pollution. UAE. Schools. Germany. Masks. Disability. Saudi. Facebook. Churches. Baltimore, Restaurants. Police
02.14.21: Anti-vax, O’Keefe, Stocks. Virus, Impeachment, Nasdaq, Britain, Amazon, Taxes. Vaccine