Voice of the People: Week of 8.23.21

 PN #2983 Weeds Congress Catholics Ownership Bulgaria India Military Mortgages Baker Travel Samaritan

PN #2984 Sweden. Corporations. Samaritans. Walmart. Yelp. Rolling Stones. Work. Airlines. Asylum. Smithsonian. Theranos
PN #2985 Population. Energy. FDA. Proud Boys. Cuomo. Voters. Donors
PN #2986 Kidnap. Facebook. Sanctions. Police. Breaks.Hackers. Montenegro. Wastewater. OnlyFans. Travel
PN #2987. Afghanistan. Floods. Zoning. Jan 6. Evictions. Apple. Time’s Up. NFL. Voting

PN #2988 Philippines Masks Evictions Japan Bangladesh Dental Canada Puerto Rico Afghanistan

Voice of the People: Week of 8.16.21

PN #2975 Snopes. Evictions. Multi-racial. Britain. Hong Kong. Census. Renters. Baseball
PN #2977 Hackers. Afghanistan. Demographics. SNAP. Heat. Biden. Canada. Migrants. Vaccinations. Malaysia. Vendors
 PN #2978 Tesla. Life. Prisoners. Vacation. Masks. Taliban. Haiti. Oil. Texas. Water. Amazon. SPAC. PPP. Cars. Health. Pipeline.
PN #2979 Pollution. Vote Audits. Masks. Pesticide. Plastic. Butt Lifts. Apple. Guns. Vaccines
PN2980 Voting. Labor Asylum. Oil. FAA. Facebook. Home Depot. New-Orleans. Wages. Africa. Jails
PN #2981. Germany Belarus Unemployment Dollar Stores. AFL CIO. Vaccines. Gigs. Rent. Nepal
PN #2982 Facebook Health Care. Children. Nurses. Times Up. Parents Hospital Polic

Voice of the People: Week of 8.09.2021

PN #2969 England Military Ac Native Americans College Qatar Union Boating Coal Climate Belarus
PN #2970. Alibaba. DISD Home-Care Military. Times-Up Epstein Retirement Events. Housing. Cruise
PN #2971 Jobs Cuomo Cars Children Stimulus Masks BBC Arkansas Fashion
PN #2972 Poverty Solidarnosc Airline Arizona Discrimination SEC SSI
PN #2973 Savings. Rand Paul. Vaccinations. CDC. Economy. Facebook. Indonesia. Scotland. NOLA. McDonalds
PN #2974 Gerrymandering. Cuomo. Britney. Women. Evictions. Education. Testing. Comments. Meat. Spain. Snakebites. Bellingcat. Asylum
 PN #2975. Snopes. Evictions. Multi-racial. Britain. Hong Kong. Census. Renters. Baseball

Chief Organizer Report Week of 8.09.21

CORR #5604. Cassidy Counts the Months of the Calendar to 2026
CORR #5605. Neoliberalism and Public Health is a Disaster
CORR #5606 Nursing Home Reform or Bailout
 CORR #5607 Snakebit by Copperhead and Corporate Hospitals
CORR #5608 Tulane University’s Long Con
 CORR #5609. Juvenile Justice Campaigns for Reform
CORR #5610. Gallagher’s New Narrative Memoir Poetry Book