Voice of the People: Week of 09.27.21

PN #3018. Data. Hackers. Wealth. SEALS. Israel. Trooper. Hosts. EU. NRA. Pre-Old
PN #3019. Starbucks. Airlines. Hackers. Abortion. Virus. Same-sex. Risks. Trucks. Germany. Games. Airbnb. Homework. Talk. Buffalo
PN #3020 R Kelly. Redistricting. Vaccinations. Fed Reserve. Dentists. Mandatory. Truck Drivers. Oil Spills
PN #3021. IRS. Jobs. Uber. AT&T. Voters. Dollar Tree. Judges. Britney. Amazon. Birds
PN #3022 Ecuador. Athletes. Trump. France. Greyhound. YouTube. Ballots. China. Vaccinations. Vaping
PN# 3024. Soccer. Elections. Philippines. Instagram. Bicycles. United Airlines. Israel. TikTok. Jets. Portugal

Dead Air: Week 39

Fare thee well, Bob Matthews, who was at the “band meeting” where the group decided to name themselves, The Grateful Dead. Over the weekend, Bob Matthews passed onto the Great Jam In The Sky. 
Among fans of the Grateful Dead, Bob Matthews is a legend. He took banjo lessons from Jerry Garcia, played bass in an early formation of the Grateful Dead: Mother McCree’s Uptown Jug Champions, and the group practiced at his parent’s house.

Bob Matthews produced and engineered for iconic albums such as Live/Dead, Europe ‘72, Skull & Roses, and Workingman’s Dead.

We hear archival audio from Bob Matthews discussing music he helped make. 

The Set List:

The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) 2:13 
1967-03/17 studio release, THE GRATEFUL DEAD 
The Grateful Dead (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

St. Stephen 6:39 
1969-02/27 FILLMORE WEST, San Francisco, California 
The Best Of The Grateful Dead Live (2018 Remaster)

Garden Of Eden 7:50 
1969-10/15 MANDRAKE’S, Berkeley, California 
Bear’s Sonic Journals: The Dawn Of The New Riders Of The Purple Sage 

Introducing The “Murdering Punks” 0:46 
1969-08/01 BEAR’S LAIR, Berkeley, California 
Bear’s Sonic Journals: The Dawn Of The New Riders Of The Purple Sage

Accidently Like A Martyr 5:04 
All Good Things: Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions [Disc 6: Outtakes, Jams, and Alternates] 

Brokedown Palace 7:03 
1972-04/11 NEWCASTLE CITY HALL, Newcastle, England 
Steppin’ Out With The Grateful Dead: Europe ’72 

Big Railroad Blues 3:35 
1971-04/05 MANHATTAN CENTER, New York, New York 
Skull & Roses 50th Anniversary Edition 

Tennessee Jed 9:11 
1978-04/18 PITTSBURGH CIVIC ARENA, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   
Dave’s Picks Vol. 37 

Voice of the People: Week of 09.20.21

PN #3011 Baseball. Haiti. Immigrants. Benefits. Rwanda. Alabama. Entergy. Canada
PN #3012 Cairo. Hotels. Google. Twitter. Real Estate. Travel. Ida. Guns. Abortion. Canada
PN #3013. Vaccine. Facebook. Trump. Childcare. China. Debt. Medicare. Vaccinations. Ida. Gas. Deportation
PN #3014. Airlines. Storage. Abortion. Trump. Coal. Germany. Rental Cars. Migrans. Police. Cheney. FDA
PN #3015. Abortion. Amazon. CDC. Haiti. Veterans. Tech. Taxes. Ancients. Bitcoin. Delivery. Antitrust
PN #3016 HFCs. Non-compete. AZ. Bitcoin. PG&E. Vaccinations. Voters. Insurance. Domestic Worker
PN #3017. Loans. Fraternities. Paper Terrorism. Masks. Testing. Ports. Bitcoin. ESG

Dead Air: Week 38

Beyond Description. . . 
Waynard Scheller and Rainbow Full of Sound play Grateful Dead songs, and they’ve been doing so for a while – 300 shows’ worth.  But their upcoming tour will come with a very special twist:  they are going to recreate the Dead’s legendary 1972 tour of Europe, tracing the path of twenty-one shows from England to Denmark to Germany to France to the Netherlands and back to England.

The Web. . . 

The Set List. . . 

One More Saturday Night 4:51 
1972-05/26 LYCEUM THEATRE, London
Skeletons From The Closet: The Best Of Grateful Dead

Looks Like Rain 7:43 
1972-04/08 WEMBLEY EMPIRE POOL, London, England 
Europe ’72 2003 Reissue Bonus Material

Bob’s Yellow Dog Story 3:08 
1972-04/08 WEMBLEY EMPIRE POOL, London, England 
Europe ’72 2003 Reissue Bonus Material – Hidden Track

Casey Jones 6:16 
1972-04/24 RHEINEHALLE, Dusseldorf, West Germany 
Rockin’ The Rhein With The Grateful Dead 

Good Lovin’ > 18:30 
Caution (Do Not Stop On The Tracks) > 4:39 
Who Do You Love? > 0:23 
Caution (Do Not Stop On The Tracks) > 1:44 
Good Lovin’ 5:59 
1972-04/14 TIVOLIS KONCERTSAL, Copenhagen, Denmark 
Europe ’72 2003 Reissue Bonus Material

Voice of the People: Week of 09.13.21

PN #3004 . Hungary. Hospitals. Taxes. Apple. Harvard. Facebook. Vaccine. Amazon
PN #3005 . Recall. Hospitals. Buses. Facebook. Chevron. Taxes. Amazon. Google. Wells Fargo
PN #3006 India. Albania. Bitcoin. Police. Latvia. Berlin. California. Chinna. Poverty. Haiti.
PN #3007 FCC. Los Angeles. Property. Internet. Prisons. SEC. Foster Care. Discrimination. Philippines. Russia
PN #3008 . Guns. Fed Reserve. Foundations. Drugs. AC. Migrants. Airlines. CNAs. Pollution. Facebook. Boeing. Italy. Scams
PN #3009. Court. Thailand. Heat. Drugs. Lead. Boosters. Russia. Vaccine. Voters. Afghanistan