Dead AIr: Week 42

Beyond Description. . . 

We talk with rock n’ roll photographer -Steve Schneider! His new book, First Three Songs, showcases live concert images with over 350 photos taken over five Decades. Many never seen before. Some musicians featured are The Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Tom Petty, and The Rolling Stones.

The Set List. . . 

Promised Land 4:32 
1976-10/10 OAKLAND COLISEUM STADIUM, Oakland, California 
Dick’s Picks Vol. 33 

Friend Of The Devil 10:45 
1978-12/31 WINTERLAND, San Francisco, California 
The Closing Of Winterland 

Jack Straw 5:35 
1978-06/04 UCSB Stadium, Santa Barbara, California 
30 Days of Dead 2012 

Row Jimmy 9:25 
1974-05/21 HEC EDMUNDSON PAVILLION – UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, Seattle, Washington Pacific Northwest ’73-’74: The Complete Recordings 

Let It Grow 13:16 
1982-08/29 SEATTLE CENTER COLISEUM, Seattle, Washington   
30 Days of Dead 2019 

Dead Air: Week 41

Beyond Description . . . 

Sotheby’s announces “From The Vault: Property From The Grateful Dead And Friends”

The auction includes stage equipment from all eras of Dead tours including surviving components from the legendary Wall of Sound, and items from crew members “Big” Steve Parish, Lawrence “Ram Rod” Shurtliff, and t-shirts from the band’s longest serving sound engineer Dan Healy. From the Ken Kesey era “Acid Test” days through to the final years – a long, strange trip from counterculture icons to the definitive American band – this auction is a unique opportunity for Deadheads to celebrate the band’s enduring ethos right from the soundboard.

We talk with Richard Austin, Sotheby’s Global Head of Books & Manuscripts, who gives us a rundown on the stage gear, roadie gear, and band gear! 

The Set List. . . 

It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue 7:33 
1990-06/16 SHORELINE AMPHITHEATRE, Mountain View, California 
View From The Vault Vol. Three 

Greatest Story Ever Told 5:32 
1974-06/16 STATE FAIRGROUNDS, Des Moines, Iowa 
Road Trips Vol. 02 No. 3: Wall Of Sound (Bonus Disc)

Peggy-O 9:18 
1977-09/03 RACEWAY PARK, Englishtown, New Jersey 
Dick’s Picks Vol. 15 

Hard To Handle 4:05 
1970-04/15 WINTERLAND, San Francisco 
30 Trips Around The Sun Box Set 

Loser 7:24 
1985-06/24 RIVER BEND MUSIC CENTER, Cincinnati, Ohio 
30 Trips Around The Sun Box Set 

Bird Song 13:06 
1972-10/18 FOX THEATRE, St. Louis, Missouri 
Listen To The River: St. Louis ’71 ’72 ’73

Voice of the People: Week of 10.11.21

PN #3032.Czech. Austria. Columbus. Periods. Florida. Ohio. Journalists. China. Money. Auschwitz. Arizona
PN #3033. Arizona. Texas. Argentina. Moon. Plague. Farms. Quebec. Italy. Betting. Water. London. Iraq. Sweden
PN #3034 PPP. Fires. Methane. Travel. Vaping. Raids. Private Equity. Salt. Georgia
PN #3035.. Quits. Housing. Encryption. Hamburger. Aspirin. P&G. Parent Plus. SSN. Facebook. ESG. China
PN #3036. Texas. Storms. Mexico. Poverty. Utah. Ecuador. Drugs. Florida. Logging. CPI. Jobs. Prisons

Dead Air: Week 40

Beyond Description. . .

We pay tribute to George Frayne, a.k.a. Commander Cody, alt-country pioneer, who joins the great jam in the sky. Not only was he the frontman for The Lost Planet Airmen but he was Jerry Garcia’s neighbor. The Grateful Dead’s soundman recorded a Commander Cody show which was released last year. The soundman, Owsley Stanley, recorded a Johnny Cash show which will be released later this month!

Jerry Garcia will release GarciaLive Volume 17. The release will showcase recordings from Northern California in 1976. 

We hear Commander Cody cover a Johnny Cash song. Johnny Cash covers a Bob Dylan song. All tracks recorded by Grateful Dead soundman, Owsley Stanley, and Jerry Garcia covers a Bob Dylan song. Mr. Dylan recently announced new tour dates. 

The Set List. . .
El Paso 4:51
Dave’s Picks Vol. 38

Big River 3:07
1970-02/27 FAMILY DOG AT THE GREAT HIGHWAY, San Francisco, California
Bear’s Sonic Journals: Found In The Ozone

Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright
Johnny Cash
Bear’s Sonic Journals: April 24th, 1968 Carousel Ballroom

Simple Twist Of Fate 13:42
1991-11/15 MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, New York, New York
GarciaLive Vol. 16

Playing in the Band > 15:54
Cosmic Charlie > | 8:03
1976-07/16 ORPHEUM THEATRE, San Francisco, California  
Dave’s Picks Vol. 18 2016 Bonus Disc

Voice of the People: Week of 10.04.21

PN #3025 Emojis. Relief. Children. Lithuania. Abortion. Novels. Evictions. Germany. Proxies. Oil. Housing. Offshore. Police. Missing. Dead
PN #3026. Mexico. Infowars. Chevron. Japan. Eldercare. Facebook. Exercise. Police. Abortion. Rome. New Orleans
PN #3027. child care. loans. admissions. midwest. police. nobel. facebook. infrastructure. fossil fuel
PN #3029.CIA. Airlines. Players Union. Mothers. Taxes. IMF. SBA. NBA. Farmers. Poland