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Tech for Campaigns, Facial Recognition, Russian Military Officers and Hacking, Eagles of the Desert, Female On Camera Hosts on YouTube, Corporations Profits and Workers Income, and HHS Travel 07-16-2018

Government Ethics and Commerce Secretary, Justice Department and Hate Crimes, Law Judges, White Neighborhoods and AirBnB, National Right to Work Committee and SEIU Suit, and NHL Players and Head Trauma 07-15-2018

Google Drones, War on Poverty Over, Tariffs and Washing Machines and China, Food Stamps and Working, Justice Department Appeals Time Warner Anti Trust Case, Prices, JP Morgan and Conflict of Interest, and Medicaid and Workers 07-14-2018

Super Delegates, Papa Johns Founder Resigns, E-Waste, Ireland and Public Funds for Fossil Fuels, Settlement Award and Body Powders, and the 2017 Hurricane Season and Damage Costs 07-13-2018

Supreme Court Confirmation Process, Conflicts Between Young Siblings, Union Workers and Wages, Former Brazilian President, Infant Formula, Ethiopian Prime Minister and Stability, Summer Nights, Twitter and User Accounts, and Alabama Government and Jail Food Payments  07-12-2018

Blind Auditions and Women, Earnings, French Farmer and Migrant Case, Family of Four and San Francisco and Income, Employers and Harassment Claims, Tax Payers and Tax Debt, End of Life Care, Retired Women and Poverty, ACA, and Nursing Homes 07-11-2018

EPA Chief Resigns, Italy and Vaccines, Romania and Abuse of Power Protections, Fox Executive in the White House, Supreme Court and Politics, Young Women and Children, Walmart and Age Limit for Guns, Berlin and Anti-Speculation Laws, Philippines Churches and Protection, Chinese Tariffs, and Asylum in Germany 07-10-2018

Clean Energy  in Arizona, Male Journalists on Twitter, Education and Detention Contractor, Traffic Fines and Drivers’ Licenses, Workers on the Move, Robo Calls and Cell Phones, Immigrant Participants and Monitoring Program, and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 07-09-2018 part 2

Nextdoor Communities, Teachers Unions in Florida and Vouchers, Delaware and Lead Paint, Justice Department and Colleges and Race, Supreme Court Justices in EU, Israel and Taxes, Malaysian Police and Former PM, Americans and Insurance, FEMA and PR Housing, Fireworks Sales, New Orleans Public Schools, and Pot Use 07-09-2018

Seattle and Plastic, NYC and Uber Driver Average Pay, Germany and Border Camps, Primaries and Women, Infowars and Nazi Lawyers, Anti-Immigrant Positions, Former Malaysian PM and Corruption, CFPB and Citigroup and Interest Rates, and Tiny Houses 07-08-2018

Subway Delays, Accommodating Pregnant Workers, Screens, Labor Union Approval, Bank Accounts, Morocco Activists, Home Care Union, Brain Performance Company, Meat Consumption, Uber in London, Legal Immigration, and BBC Journalist Settlement on Equal Pay 07-07-2018

Women’s Choice, Draft Riots in 1863, Napa Valley Preserve, One-way Tickets, Gossip and Conversations, Retailers in Bankruptcy, ICE Contracts, Farm Size, and Opportunity Hording by Parents 07-05-2018

Lynching Bill, Homeland Secretary and Migrants, Socialists, Collective Bargaining, PR Finances, Intelligence Officials and North Korean Arms,  and Migrant Families in Detention 07-04-2018

Kentucky Medicaid Work Requirements, Roe v Wade Poll, Trump Prank Called,  EU and Russia, GM and Tariffs, Civics Education, US Capital Police and Arrests, and Operational Forces Action in France 07-03-2018

Fact Checking Projects, Senate Fund for Intern Compensation, California Bill on Food Taxes, Long Live Italians, Digital Privacy Law in California, NFL and Carolina Panther Owner, and EU and Migrants 07-02-2018

US Apartment Market, Primary Elections, Polling on Immigration, US Supreme Court on Union Fees, Separatists in Cameron, Justice Kennedy,  and Earthquakes 07-01-2018

Federal Employees, Travel Ban Ruling, Pregnancy Centers and Abortion, House Races, Senate Approved Vacancies, Separation of Children Injunction, NYC Democratic Voters, Tropical Forest Loss, and French Butchers 06-30-2018

Children in Foster Care, African and Asian Immigrants, New Zealand Homeless Rate, Immigrants and Due Process, Rage Giving, China and Carbon Emissions, Our Revolution, Congress and Medicare, and Fact Checking Projects 06-29-2018

Methane Emissions, Kansas and Citizenship for Voting, Warrant and Location Data, UN and Poverty Report, Mr. Rogers Showing Protest, Rape Cases, Tax on Alcohol, LGBT and Passports, and Amazon and AntiTrust 06-28-2018

Military Sheltering Children in Separations, Greece Rescue Packages, Romanian Government Abuse, Material Witnesses, PM Israel’s Wife Indicted, Backlog of Immigration Cases, Trump Exclusions on Tariffs, and Alabama Counties and Drivers Licenses’ Offices 06-27-2018

Fake News in SA, Department Mergers and Social Programs, Saudi Arabia and Guardianship, Teamsters and UPS, ICE Director, Tampa Bay Quarterback and Female Uber Driver, Incentives to Relocate for Work, and Drones and Cheating 06-26-2018

White Death Rates, Dominos Pizza and Pot Holes, MoviePass, Hungarian Laws and Undocumented Migrants, Walmart Store in Texas, Parental Leave, Data Loss, Asylum Applications, DC Voters and Tipped Workers , DHS and Housing Children, Federal Inmates, and Internet Retailers 06-25-2018

Italy and Census, Commerce Secretory and Stock, First Ladies and Child Separations, Fox News, Microsoft and ICE, Australia and Apple, Bloomberg and House Campaigns, Canada and Recreational Marijuana, Trump and Families and Immigration, Breast Reconstruction, and Syrian Chemical Attacks  06-24-2018

Labor Laws and Women Only Jobs, Restrictions on Women, Survey Responses, Middle East and Apartments for the Poor, Corruption in India, Southern Poverty Law Center Suits on DAs, State Department Nominee and Migrants, US Pulls Out of UN Human Rights Council, Blindness, and Immigration Judges 06-23-2018

Romanian Government, IRS and Trump, Police and Drivers License Photos, Populist Party in Italy, Smoking Rates, Koch and Voter Software, Chinese Sanctions, Inclusion in Hollywood , Nashville Population, Social Media Trust, and Trump and Family Separations  06-22-2018

Online Harassment, Premature Babies, Investments, Imposter Syndrome, Short Term Rentals in New Orleans, Uber in Nyc, Video Games, Scandals in DC Schools, Federal Prisoners Hiring Freeze, and NYC Schools and Discrimination 06-21-2018

Bay Area Restaurants and Stolen Wages, American Women in the Workforce, Prime Age Men and Government Payments, White Americans and Discrimination, Ukraine Film Director on Hunger Strike, Rich School Districts, Expansion of Drug Coverage, Lead Inspections, and Trump Family Income 06-20-2018

Grassroots Efforts and Medicaid Expansion, Mayor in San Francisco, Minimum Wage and Tip Workers, Asian Americans, Manafort, Coral Riffs, Unemployment Rate, Republican Majority and Voting, Children Separated at the Border, Alcohol Study, Blood Test Company Officials Indictments, and Brothels 06-19-2018

Outside Laundry Hanging Protest, Ice Melting, UN General Assembly and Israel, Plumper in London and Self-Employment, Germany Fine on VW, CDC and Suicide Rate, Minnesota Political Law, Trump Foundation, Justice Department and Comey, High School Students and Bullying, and the EPA and Water Pollution and Golf Courses  06-18-2018

South Korean Business Investments, Netflix Most Valued, Hands Off Pants Off Ordinance, Living with Older Relatives, Korean Summit, Amazon and Seattle City Council, Cheesecake Factory Libel, Vietnam and Internet Crackdown, Eric Holder and Congressional Districts Challenge, Apple and Data Requests, and CO2 Emissions 06-17-2018

Dolphins, Solar Roads, Listening in Japan, Wills in China, Companies to Rent Clothes, Alternative Energy, Greece and Macedonia Dispute, AMA Ban on Assault Weapons, and Time Warner 06-16-2018

Supreme Court and Ohio Voter Law, Bishops Resign in Chile, Juveniles and False Confessions, Jewish Property in Poland, Kayne West New Album, Italy Turns Away Migrants, Supreme Court and Washington Road Repairs, Jeff Sessions and Immigration Asylum and Violence, and Sec of Education and College Accreditation 06-15-2018

Carpenters Unions and Factory, Warranties at Guitar Centers, Race and Wealth, Trash in Delhi, Unemployment Rate, Mexican Bribes, Tax Shelters, Southern Baptist Convention and Role of Women, Retirees and Work, State Income Taxes, and Arkansas Judge Conduct Charges on Death Penalty Cases 06-14-2018

Heads Down Tribe, San Francisco and Sports Teams, Maine Voters and Candidate Choice, LA Airport Businesses and Unions, KMPG and South African Tax Scandal, Pope and Climate Change, Rich Suburbs Blue, Threaten Animals, and National Anthem Protests 06-13-2018

New Democratic Party in Ontario, Affluent Young People and Inheritances, Invest-able Assets, HUD Proposal to Raise Rents, Fixer Upper and EPA and Lead Paint, Democratic Lawmakers and Sec. Pruitt, KFC in Britain, World Health and Pedestrian Deaths in China, and Greenpeace and Chernobyl  Fallout 06-12-2018